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K&V Custom Homes
About K&V Construction Services

K&V Construction Services, LLC was created to address the home improvement and remodeling needs of homeowners. K&V Homes has always performed all facets of residential construction, however, after several comments from homeowners that they were not aware we performed these tasks, the need for a separate company with its own identity was apparent.

Several homeowners dream of building a new home but may not have the budget to do so. Or, as is sometimes the case, they are happy with their neighborhood and current home but are in need of updating, as well as wanting to implement the trends of a new home into their existing home. By using the same trades and vendors in ALL residential projects be it a new home or existing, Dean and Colin are able to guarantee the same level of quality, craftsmanship and expertise.

Some of the services that K&V Construction Services provides include:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor Entertainment
  • Room Additions
  • Basement Finish
  • Kitchen and Bath Remodel
  • Four Season Rooms
  • Three Season Rooms
  • Screened In Porches
  • Covered Porches and Decks
  • Garage Entry conversions
  • All House Remodeling
Remodeled Homes
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— Frequently Asked Questions —

What types of projects does your company perform?
We address all projects both large AND small. From projects as simple as a Fireplace makeover to an all house remodel, you are provided the same attention to detail. The only differences are the length and cost of the project.

Can we stay in our home while the work is completed?
This question is dependent upon your needs as a homeowner. All of our projects are performed in such a manner that the disruption to you the homeowner is kept to a minimum. Any exterior work is completed before the interior of the house is exposed. The work area is kept isolated from the remainder of the living space with limited access. In the event that the use of the area under construction is required, all efforts are made to accommodate these needs.

How long does a project take?
Depending upon the scope of work, a timetable is discussed with the Homeowner. Commencement of the project does not occur until all facets have been accounted for. We encourage selections to be made, or at least narrowed down, prior to the project commencement. Delivery and installation dates play a vital role in the work schedule. The ultimate goal of the project is to have each stage flow from one to the next.

Can I make changes to the project?
What project would not be complete with a few changes and adaptations to the original scope of work. As is true with every project, additional ideas arise as the project progresses. We understand that as the project takes shape, your vision may change and may result in a request to change the layout, add a window or remove a wall. The ability to adapt to these changes is what you can expect from our team.

Can we as the Homeowner perform some of the work?
What is commonly referred to as “sweat equity” is one of many suggestions that Dean and Colin offer as a way to help the Homeowner reduce their project cost. Colin and Dean will work directly with you, the Homeowner, to determine the amount of time that you will need to complete the various task(s) and will adjust the schedule accordingly.

What incentive do I have for using your company?
Dean and Colin have always believed in trying to make a project affordable for the Homeowner. Discounts are passed along to you, the homeowner, so that you may receive your selections at a reduced price.

In addition to a monetary benefit, you will also receive the time and talents of a select group of individuals that have been hand picked by K&V Construction Services. This unique group is comprised of some of the finest trades in the industry. Along with Colin and Dean, these companies participate in continuing education classes and seminars to stay aware of new code requirements, more efficient products, as well as the best practices to use while performing their tasks at your home.