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For those of you that have never built before, or, built several years ago, we have taken the opportunity to share with you the various stages of construction that you will witness as we construct your new home.  Depending upon the time of year, some of the exterior stages may occur out of order as compared to the following list.

staking process
house staking
home staking process

The Engineering company places lath on your lot representing the footprint of the house and garage.  You will see the lath at each corner of the house where two walls join.

During this time, a temporary electrical power pole is installed adjacent to the green electrical transformer at the corner of your lot.

excavation process
new home excavation

The Concrete Foundation company sets up and pours the concrete footings.  Footings are the support for the Basement and Garage walls.

foundation process
foundation for new home construction

The Concrete Foundation company sets up and pours the foundation walls of the Basement and Garage walls.

Plumbing (Groundworks)
plumbing groundwork
plumbing process
plumbing groundwork for new homes

The Plumbing company installs the pipes that will be below the basement floor as well as connecting to the water lines at the street:  domestic water, sanitary drains and storm sewer drains. 

backfill process
backfill for new homes
backfill during construction

After the foundation walls have sat for approximately 5-7 days, the Excavation company returns and places dirt alongside the foundation walls.  Sand is placed inside the Garage in preparation for the Garage floor and gravel is placed in the Basement in preparation for the Basement floor.

Concrete Flatwork
concrete flatwork process
concrete flatwork for new house construction

The Concrete Flatwork company pours the concrete for the Basement floor, Garage floor and sometimes the Front Porch.

Framing Carpentry
framing process
framing a house
framing carpentry

The Framing Carpenters arrive and start constructing your new home.  Floor joists, walls, roof trusses, roof sheathing, windows and exterior doors, and siding are installed.  The rear deck may also be constructed at this time.

After the roof is completely sheathed, the Roofing contractor arrives and installs roofing felt on the sheathing to keep the interior of the house dry.

staking process

After the siding has been applied, the Roofing company installs the shingles on the roof.

Mechanicals (Rough-In)
mechanical rough in
mechanical rough in process
mechanics to a house

The Heating and Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Central Vac, and Security companies install the heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, central vac, and security components that will be inside the walls.  The fireplace,  furnace and air conditioner are also installed at this time.

Concrete Flatwork
concrete flatwork
concrete process for new home construction
concrete flatwork

The Concrete Flatwork company returns and pours the concrete for the driveway, sidewalk from the driveway to the Front Porch as well as the rear patio and city sidewalks.

masonry process

The Stone Masons apply cultured stone to the exterior façade. 

exterior paint
exterior painting process
painting the exterior

The Painting company paints the exterior of the house.  This may sometimes occur later in the process when the interior of the house is painted.

insulation process
insulation process for new home construction

The Insulation company installs the insulation and insulation products in the house and Garage. After the sheetrock has been installed, the Insulation company will return to insulate the attics of the house and garage as well as install insulation blankets on the basement walls. 

sheetrock process
sheetrock process for new home construction

The Drywall company installs the sheetrock on the ceilings and walls of the House and Garage.  Drywall compound is applied to the nails and screws as well as the seams.  Texture is then applied to the ceilings and walls of the House and Garage.

Garage Doors
garage doors
garage doors

The Garage Door Company installs the Garage Doors and returns later to install the openers and keypad.

Hardwood Floor
hardwood flooring
hardwood flooring process
installing hardwood

If the Hardwood flooring is job-finished, it is installed at this time.

Trim Carpentry (Partial)
trim carpentry
trim carpentry
trim carpentry

The Trim Carpenters install the cabinetry, interior doors, baseboard, casing, crown molding, stair treads and stair railings, as well as any built-ins or custom trim details.

paint stain
paint stain
paint stain process

The Painting company applies stain/paint to all of the woodwork.  Next, the ceilings are painted with the walls of the House and Garage competed last.

fireplace brick
fireplace masonry
masonry process

The Stone Masons install cultured stone on the interior of the house, typically on the fireplace.


The Gutter company installs the gutters and downspouts.


The countertops are installed in the Kitchen, Bathrooms and Laundry Room.

Mechanicals (Partial Trim Out)

The permanent thermostat is installed, light fixtures, outlets and light switches are installed, permanent electric and gas is connected to the house from their respective locations.

Floor Coverings
floor coverings
floor coverings process
tile process

Tile is installed in the Bathrooms on the floors as well as the Master Bathroom shower when applicable.

Carpet is installed next in the selected rooms.

The Hardwood floor is sanded and finished if Job-finished, otherwise it is installed at this time.


Shelving is installed in all closets.

Mechanicals (Completed Trim Out)
mechanics completed
mechanics complete

Plumbing fixtures are installed in the Kitchen and Bathrooms.

Appliances are installed.

Central Vac ports, vac pan and the primary unit are installed.

The fireplace is set up and turned on.

Mirrors/Shower Doors
mirrors and doors
shower doors

Mirrors are installed in the Bathrooms as well as shower doors if applicable.

Trim Carpentry (Completion)

The Trim Carpenters return and install base shoe (quarter round wood trim) in all of the hard-surface rooms.  Door and Bathroom hardware are also installed at this time.

grading process

The Landscaping company performs a final grading of the lot and installs the sod.  If an irrigation system or landscaping have been selected, these are installed at this time as well.


The Cleaning company washes all of the windows and exterior doors as well as a thorough clean of the House and Garage

walk through process
final phase

A walk-through is performed to familiarize you with how your house “works,” tips for the maintenance of your new home, as well as the compilation of a list of any items that need to be addressed.