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Do you build in all price ranges?

K&V Homes strives to help all homeowners achieve their dream of building a new home. We do not consider a home to be in a “price range” but rather a budget. The steps to construct a new home are the same regardless of the price. The homeowner provides a budget for which we will help them receive the most value for their investment. By providing assistance with the square footage decisions and the allowances that accompany this budget, the homeowner will be able to determine the home that helps them stay within their budget.

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Do you build different style homes?

We consider a home plan to be a starting point. Part of the joy of building a new house is the ability to make the house become your home. Changes can be made not only on the interior but also the exterior. Traditional, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Craftsman, French Country and the list goes on. The exterior of the home is a reflection of your personal tastes as well. K&V Homes will work with you to combine home plans or incorporate the front facades of existing homes to provide the front elevation that you are truly happy with.

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What is the communication procedure during the construction process?

A benefit of selecting K&V Homes as your Builder is that you will work directly with either Dean or Colin throughout the construction of your new home. We visit our job sites a minimum of once a day, sometimes more, depending upon the stage of construction. You will meet with either Colin or Dean at your new home for several walkthroughs to go over design elements, options and your selections. We oversee the trades and vendors that work on your home and have established a unique relationship with all of them. They know what is expected of them and in return, we have the peace of mind that your new home is being constructed with only the finest of materials and skill required. Throughout the process, questions may arise for which you can either call or e-mail. We will respond promptly, and, if we do not know the answer, we will contact the appropriate person.

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How do I know when decisions need to be made?

K&V Homes provides a Selection Schedule that lists a majority of the decisions that need to be made along with the accompanying benchmarks to help you stay on schedule. Some of these decisions may or may not apply to your particular home. Click here to download a Selection Timeline.

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Do you have plans for us to choose from?

We have plans that we have built in the past, as well as links to architectural design firms that have a tremendous amount of plans to choose from: Plum Building Systems, Advanced House Plans, Builder House Plans, ePlans, Architectural Designs, Ahmann Design and Design Basics. Design Basics also offers their HER HOME section of home plans that simply make sense for today’s lifestyles.

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Can we make changes to a plan, and what happens if we wish to change/add something while the home is under construction?

Absolutely! This is going to be YOUR home, and we understand that there will be ideas that you wish to incorporate into the home that better suit your lifestyle. We will work with you to suggest ways to save money on a particular plan, as well as informing you of the cost of any changes that you wish to make.

We have also established a partnership with Plum Design Services, located at Gilcrest/Jewett Lumber, where custom home plans and front elevation modifications can be addressed by one of the designers.

Communication is key in the construction process. Should you decide to add/change something, we ask you to notify us immediately. At that time, we will discuss the addition/deletion, or change, determine the additional cost/savings that will be incurred, and then sign a Change Order for the work. As the homeowner, you will always be aware of any additional costs for the project or your selections prior to the commencement of the work or installation of the product(s).

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Do you build throughout the year?

Yes, we have a different process for building in the cooler months as well as the winter months that protects your investment. The local municipalities have a strict set of code regulations that we must follow as well.

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Do I have the opportunity to make selections for our home?

We use a process that is based upon Allowances for several “personal taste” items including, but not limited to, windows, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, tile, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and landscaping.

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How do I know if I am staying on budget?

With the use of an Allowance Schedule, we will keep you updated via e-mail as to how much you have spent on your various selections with a to-date total. If you are under budget on a particular item, this will be reflected as a credit, just as if you exceed your budget, this will be reflected as an overture. As you proceed with your selection process, you will know exactly how much you are over/under budget.

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What steps do we need to follow to begin the process?

Please visit the “Getting Started” navigation bar on our web site.

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How do we know what the home is going to cost?

After we have delivered a bid to you for the home plan that you selected, we will sign a contract for that amount. We are a contract builder, which means that WE are responsible for all of the costs of the construction of your home with the exception of the ALLOWANCES (as discussed earlier) along with changes/additions/deletions (also discussed earlier) that you may make. As a contract builder, we cannot bill you for any items that were forgotten, misquoted, broken, damaged, etc. By offering this type of contract, we can give you the peace of mind that you will know exactly what your costs are throughout the entire building process.

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How long does it take to build a home?

The length of time typically depends upon the size of the home. For most home that are 3000 square feet or less, we will sign a contract for 6 months. For homes that are greater than 3000 square feet, we will evaluate the home on a case by case basis and sign a contract for anywhere from 7 months to 1 year. In any situation, we will keep you up to date as to the progress of your home. We guarantee that we will finish the home prior to the completion date and will notify you 60 days and 30 days in advance to allow you the proper timeframe to make the necessary move-in arrangements. To date, we have never missed a completion date. If the completion date does need to be extended for whatever reason, this date must be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

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Can we have the lower level finished during the construction of the main home?

One of the many services that we offer is the ability to finish your lower level while the main levels are under construction. The same trades and vendors will be involved with this process and will have the lower level completed when the main home is completed.

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Do you have someone that can help us with our selections?

Please view our selection assistance details.

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Do you offer any incentives?

By building with K&V Homes, you will receive our Builder discount at several stores throughout the metro area to provide you with the best pricing available on all of your selections.

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